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the mindful detox

Below are two testimonials provided after a two-week detox in 2007 that spontaneously continued on for two additional weeks.

“The Mindful Detox was a first-time experience for me.  I have been involved in nothing like it before.  I'm not "mindful" nor do I think about "toxicity".

However, my life was getting so hectic and crazy, and I felt out of control, not just with my eating, but just in general.  I was searching for a way to get a handle on the many demands that I experience on a day to day basis.  I was looking for a way to accomplish the tasks in a way that was less taxing on me physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I was looking for a way to be a bit more balanced emotionally, less overwhelmed, and better able to enjoy life in the moment.

The Mindful Detox set me down exactly this intangible, holistic path that I'd been looking for, but had no idea how to find.

First of all, I have had great energy during the detox and since.  I have been able to stay on task and complete tasks.  And I have had very little sense of being overwhelmed, if at all.  I feel under control, and enjoying myself.

And, as a terrific side benefit to all of that, I have lost @ 10 pounds, and I'm totally off certain things that I myself could not figure out how to eliminate from my diet, most significantly artificial sweeteners - which has been a mainstay in my daily consumption of food for 20 years.

Scott has tremendous knowledge and experience, but an ability to filter out the esoteric and bring it all down to a simple level that I could understand and grasp onto.  He was able to tailor a plan specifically for me, by understanding my limitations and what I was capable of - often times knowing me better than I know myself.

His coaching was helpful at every turn - and was always accessible.

The Mindful Detox experience for me has been nothing short of life-altering.”

--Laura E.

Miami Beach, Florida



“I have always been interested in eating healthy and I thought by doing so I could lose the 10 lbs, I have gained since having my first child 15 years ago.  Three more children later, my weight has steadily increased and my metabolism has slowly decreased. I have tried everything to try to change the way by body was reacting to food, but nothing was working.

I was fortunate to meet Scott Rogers through a good friend of mine and my body has never been the same!  Through his mindful detox program, I was actually able to lose 10 pounds in two weeks and actually keep it off  Working with him, has made me become very "mindful" about what I eat and to come to a comfortable goal whereby  I can  now enjoy life's special moments with my friends and family and yet know what I need to do to keep my weight at where I want it to be.

I think the key word is "balance."  Through Scott's tremendous help, I have learned to incorporate balance in my life.  I really feel great.  I have great energy and I actually feel so happy that I am in control of my body.  It has been a tremendous experience and one that I recommend to anyone that is fed up with watching their metabolism take over and think there is nothing to do about it.  Scott Rogers will definitely change that for you and bring balance into your life.  It was a pleasure and honor working with him.”

--Tami G.

Miami Beach, Florida