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Over the last twenty years, there has been growing attention in the Western world to mindfulness—paying attention to life in the present moment.   The Mindful Detox applies mindfulness practices to the process of detoxifying the body in the belief that a gentle detoxification of the body is helpful to efforts to become more balanced and grounded in one’s life so that day-to-day experiences can be approached from a place of enthusiasm and gratitude.

Often a detox or diet is approached as a means to an end -- one such as weight loss or curing a physical ailment.  But the detox process itself has much more to offer.  When we break out of habitual patterns, such as automatic eating, deeply embedded feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations surface.   There is great insight to be found by paying attention to within these experiences.  A mindful detox creates the opportunity to look a more deeply into the arisings of our mind and body -- to get to know ourselves a little better.

By seeing the inner workings of our mind and body with greater clarity, we naturally move into a state of greater balance.  As we know from our personal experience, when we are in balance, we make better decisions.  We are more likely to respond to the genuine needs of the moment than from our conditioned past.  In terms of eating, this means that we make decisions of when and what and how much to eat guided more by our nutritional needs and less by moment-to-moment impulses.

Scott Rogers, founder of the Institute for Mindfulness Studies, works with individuals and small groups to help them develop and implement a mindful detoxification plan, and to transition out of the plan and into a practical day-to-day eating routine.  Scott is interested in learning about the people he works with, taking into consideration their history, objectives, current approach to eating, and lifestyle.  You can learn more about Scott by clicking here.

The programs offered by the Institute for Mindfulness Studies follow from popular detox and dieting plans that have been set forth by highly regarded health professionals.  The overlay of mindfulness and other contemplative practices offers the opportunity for the detox to become a transformative experience.

Contact us to learn more about the Mindful Detox and how we might work together to help bring greater clarity and balance to your life.  If you live in Miami Beach, you can sign up for a two week Spring Cleansing Detox.


Welcome to the Mindful Detox, offering you guidance and mindfulness-based coaching services to help you get the most out of your next dietary detox.

Our programs of study and services are tailored to the individual and to small groups.

   -Scott Rogers

     Founder and CEO

     Institute for Mindfulness Studies


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Read what recent participants in the mindful detox program have to say:

I think the key word is "balance."  Through Scott's tremendous help, I have learned to incorporate balance into my life.  I really feel great.  I have great energy and I actually feel so happy that I am in control of my body.  It has been a tremendous experience and one that I recommend to anyone who is fed up with watching their metabolism take over and think there is nothing to do about it.  Scott Rogers will change that for you and bring balance into your life. Click here to read the entire testimonial.

     -- Tami G.

        Miami Beach, Florida


Scott has tremendous knowledge and experience, but an ability to filter out the esoteric and bring it all down to a simple level that I could understand and grasp onto.  He was able to tailor a plan specifically for me, by understanding my limitations and what I was capable of - often times knowing me better than I know myself.  His coaching was helpful at every turn - and was always accessible. The Mindful Detox experience for me has been nothing short of life-altering. Click here to read the entire testimonial.

   --  Laura E.

       Miami Beach, Florida


The term “detox” is short for detoxification.  It refers to the removal of potentially toxic substances from the body. In the natural health context, the term refers to diets, herbs, and other methods of removing environmental and dietary toxins from the body, cleansing the colon, enhancing circulation and supporting and protecting the liver, to enhance general health.