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Finding and sustaining balance With Food

About Scott Rogers

Scott Rogers is founder of the Institute for Mindfulness Studies and facilitates mindful detox and eating programs in South Florida and across the country.  He has practiced mindfulness and other contemplative practices for more than 19 years.  During that time, Scott has explored numerous approaches to eating including vegetarianism, veganism, juicing, and raw food diets.  He has undertaken numerous detoxifications and fasts, both individually and in group settings.  

Scott’s experience has led him to the belief that it is the balanced approach to eating -- and living -- that makes known the dietary needs of the body and mind.  He views detoxification as an opportunity to disrupt embedded eating habits from which arise gems for self exploration and personal growth. Detoxification provides an opportunity to see more clearly the urges and impulses that are responsible for painful eating patterns. 

Scott received his masters degree in social psychology and his law degree from the University of Florida.  In 2003 Scott founded the online community, The Mindful Parent (R) which has been visited by parents and child-care givers from over 80 countries.  In 2006, Scott published “Mindful Parenting: Meditations, Verses & Visualization for a More Joyful Life” and was an invited speaker at the 2006 Miami Book Fair International.  He is author of “The Mindful Law Student” and “The Six Minute Solution,” two books for legal professionals and “Mindfulness for Physicians,” a CD recording of mindfulness exercises for medical professionals, and “Child is the Cosmos,” a CD recording of mindfulness visualization for parents.

Scott has developed numerous mindfulness programs for groups including: “FAT to THIN,” “The Mindful Detox,” “Wanting to Wisdom,” “Embracing what is a Parent,” “Mindfulness, Balance & The Lawyer’s Brain, and from “Worrier to Warrior”

Scott has received intensive training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli, and has devoted many years of personal practice to experiencing the intricacies, nuances, and mysteries inherent in mindfulness practice.  He co-leads a mindfulness-based meditation group in Miami Beach.  His most personal work has been with Fred Eppsteiner, a much admired mindfulness teacher, who was a student of Thich Nhat Hanh and Roshi Philip Kapleau.  Over the past nine years Scott has deepened his understanding of mindfulness and other contemplative practice with Sharon Salzberg, Gregory Kramer, Anna Wise, Dennis Lewis, Norman Fischer, Jack Kornfield, and Dan Siegel.

Scott lives in Miami Beach, Florida with his wife and two children.

Welcome to the Mindful Detox, offering you guidance and mindfulness-based coaching services to help you get the most out of your next dietary detox.

Our programs of study and services are tailored to the individual and to small groups.

   -Scott Rogers

     Founder and CEO

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The term “detox” is short for detoxification.  It refers to the removal of potentially toxic substances from the body. In the natural health context, the term refers to diets, herbs, and other methods of removing environmental and dietary toxins from the body, cleansing the colon, enhancing circulation and supporting and protecting the liver, to enhance general health.

The Institute for Mindfulness Studies works with you to support your efforts to detox and diet so that their beneficial effects can be best realized. 

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